Sora Ethiopian Café, located the center of the Landmark/ Van Dorn Corridor is dedicated to serving the highest quality, delicious and authentic Ethiopian cuisine. We  strive to give our customers the best experience of our Ethiopian culture and culinary art, using unique cooking  technique, spices and only the freshest ingredients.  Our menu offers large selection of meat, vegetarian and vegan  dishes, portioned to satisfy your craving. Served in a warm, comfortable atmosphere, with friendly staff making each  meal at Sora Café pleasurable experience.

 Visit us today for a great meal at affordable price. We guarantee you’ll be back for a second soon.

5145-C Duke St,
Alexandria, VA 22304
Tel:- 703.566.3855
Our business hours have temporarily changed.
9am - 7pm Mon - Sat
Closed on Sunday
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Sora Daily Special

Veggies of the Day
    (5 item Combo)  $11.95

Messer- Spicy lentil stew, Gomen- Collard Greens, Atakilt (Mix Vegetables)- Green beans & Carrots, Potatoes & Carrots, or Cabbage & Carrots, Alicha Messer- Non spicy whole lentil stew, and Alicha Kik- Yellow split pea’s stew.

Gomen Besiga $11.95
Collard greens and beef chunks cocked to perfection with onions, fresh garlic, and garnished with jalapeno.

Milas Ena Senber $13.95
Beef tripe and tongue well cooked with onions, tomato, fresh garlic, carrot, spices and Ethiopian herbal butter sauce.

♦ Dullet   $13.95
Diced lean Beef, Lamb tripe, Lamb liver, onions, jalapeno lightly sautéed with Ethiopian herbal butter Seasoned with mitimita and cardamom.

Bozena Shiro $12.95
Spicy milled chick peas and beef stew.

Asa Goulash $13.95
Chunked tilapia fillet cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, and berbere sauce (Hot chili pepper paste).

Asa Dullet $14.95
Red Yellow Fin Tuna finely diced, onions, and jalapeno lightly sautéed with olive oil seasoned with mitimita and cardamom

Ye Asa Tibs $13.95
Whole tilapia fish pan fried and served with rice andside veggie of the day or salad.

  ♦ Contain (or may contain) raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness especially if you have certain medical conditions.

We have become locally famous for both our menu and our location. Make sure you stop by if you are in the neighborhood.